The Very Last Hurdle

The Very Last Hurdle During our healing process, my walking partner and I both realized there was one more activity to conquer.  We decided to give the very last hurdle a try.  Taking a long walk on the beach and in the sand requires not so much a cardio exercise but one that uses one’s … Read more ….

80th Birthday

We Are Back To Challenging Walks

We Are Back To Challenging Walks Well, today is my 80th birthday!  And I have something to celebrate!  Recently I spoke about the walking setbacks that my friend and I experienced.  We didn’t stop walking but did need to slow down a bit.  Then, as I mentioned in the last Fitness Update, we were on … Read more ….

My Order Screen Shot

Fitness Update

Well, here it is almost a year later.  A lot has happened in that year.  My walking friend broke her foot and I developed bursitis in both hip and shoulder  – then we have been told to stay home due to COVID.  But we did not stop walking!  We just had to really take it … Read more ….

Trekking Pole Boot Tips

Are Your Pole Tips Wearing Out?

Are your pole tips wearing out?  If you have been pole walking for a while now, it’s likely that your tips are beginning to wear down.  I went looking for replacements and found them in two places and thought I would save you some hunting time. Cascade Mountain Tech where you can choose which tips … Read more ….

Walking Sticks

What Could Be More Convenient?

Recently, a local pole walking instructor Linda Schaumleffel posted the results of a survey in our local newspaper.  She was trying to discover why people fail to exercise regularly.  The results indicate three factors: Too demanding Results not immediate Inconvenient When it comes to the fitness that ladies walking sticks provide, what could be more … Read more ….

My Day One Disaster

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day for a walk so my friend and I decide on a trail we have not tried before. We opt to drive to the starting point since it is quite a distance away. We arrive and with walking sticks in hand. This route is mainly flat but with some rock climbing to a summit overlooking the ocean at the end of our route. It should have been an awesome experience but instead, I would call it My Day One Disaster.


The Value of Research

Do Some Research

The Value Of Research

Before deciding to send “the darn things” back, I decided to take my friend’s advice and do some research about these ladies walking sticks. I needed to know more about setting up the poles, the different styles of poles, the accessories and most important, how to use them. I can’t believe I just went out and bought them without remembering the value of research when making a major purchase.


Ladies Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks Arrive From Amazon

Walking Sticks Arrive From Amazon

It’s always a bit exciting when a package arrives, don’t you think? And for once I was home when the package arrived. (Invariably packages arrive on the day I’m not home and then I must travel to the centre for pick up) This time, I got to choose the convenient day online – a major improvement by FedEx! The walking sticks have arrived from Amazon!


Cascade Walking Sticks

Cascade Walking Stick Review

Aluminum Quick-Lock Trecking Poles Cork Grip Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10 Price: Go Here for the current best price Owners: Cascade Mountain Trek Website: INTRODUCTION I’m a walker in her 70s who wants to maintain this good health and vitality.  Recently I became conscious that walking is great for a mild cardio workout but … Read more ….

Ladies’ Walking Sticks

Lady Walking With Sticks

Ladies’ Walking Sticks

This lady looks energetic and healthy – Doesn’t she?  Quite a bit younger than me of course.  But this was my ideal – a slim walker, out in the fresh air on a lovely day.