Are Your Pole Tips Wearing Out?

Are your pole tips wearing out?  If you have been pole walking for a while now, it’s likely that your tips are beginning to wear down.  I went looking for replacements and found them in two places and thought I would save you some hunting time.

  1. Cascade Mountain Tech where you can choose which tips you require for your Cascade Poles.  And you get two sets.  Since most of my walking is in town these days, I need some new Boot Tips.
  2. Amazon provides the same but I wonder if they fit all makes of poles.

There is roughly $3.00 difference in price between the two.  Would it make sense to try the generic type to save the $ 3.00.  You will have to decide.

While I was cruising Amazon I noticed some books about Pole Walking and began to think I could use some inspiration.  So I ordered  Nordic Walking for Total Fitness by Suzanne Nottingham.  Stay tuned and I will post a review after I finish reading it. 

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