Cascade Walking Stick Review

Aluminum Quick-Lock Trecking Poles Cork Grip

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

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Owners: Cascade Mountain Trek



I’m a walker in her 70s who wants to maintain this good health and vitality.  Recently I became conscious that walking is great for a mild cardio workout but doesn’t take care of the upper body.  It was suggested that walking sticks might be the answer. So,  I jumped right in both feet and bought a set, knowing absolutely nothing about them. You can read my story Here.


Pros:  They were easy to purchase from Amazon and it was easy to find information about them online, once I realized there was quite a bit to know about setting them up, adjusting them and actually using them.

  • They are affordable
  • Lightweight, weighing in at 10.4 oz
  • Cork grip is comfortable
  • Wrist strap is adjustable and comfortable
  • Four different tips for use in various terrains
  • Quick adjustment for individual height
  • Includes a storage bag for convenient storage
  • Can be taken apart in order to fit into suitcase or knapsack
  • They look nice!

Cons:  The instruction booklet didn’t give much detail.  The case contained four sets of tips. What are they for? How do you set them up for you?  How do you make the best use of them? You can view the instruction page Here.

  • Instruction booklet a bit sketchy
  • Wrist strap adjustment is a bit awkward
  • Tightening nuts MUST be checked at every use
  • If Tightening nuts are not VERY tight, the poles gradually collapse under your weight.


After working my way through adjustment and usage, I now realize how beneficial they are, especially for people who want a well-rounded workout.  Many older walkers find that they help to improve posture, maintain balance, increase walking speed and take pressure off painful knees.


The package contains the following:Four types of tips

  1. Two collapsable, adjustable walking sticks
  2. Two Rubber Tips – for general use, especially indoors
  3. Two Snow Baskets – for hiking in snow or snowshoeing
  4. Two Sand & Mud Baskets – for use on soft terrains such as the beach
  5. Two Boot Tips  – for use on hard surfaces and when walking for extended periods
  6. One zip-up carrying case
  7. One Clip for keeping poles together


The Cascade website offers helpful video instruction for best use as well as an opportunity to order replacement parts.


All versions of this brand and type are listed under $50 US


I recommend these walking sticks for someone just starting out and best of all, I suggest they are very affordable, given their quality.


Cascade Walking Sticks


Overall Quality


Ease of Use





  • Very Affordable
  • Comfortable use
  • Easy adjustment


  • Tightening Nut must be very tight
  • Instruction booklet sketchy
  • Wrist strap adjustment a bit awkward

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