Day Two – Second Try

Beacon Hill Park
Walking in Beacon Hill Park

After discovering that my frustration with my ladies walking sticks was due to my own ignorance, I have determined that a second try is in order. So here is my Day Two Second Try.

Another longtime walking friend laughed as I explained my Day One Disaster over a beer on Friday evening. She said she had a set and offered to go for a walk with me and show me how it’s done. I jumped at the chance and we chose our beautiful Beacon Hill Park as our destination.

Getting Set Up

My friend had not used hers for quite some time, so here we both were, messing with the telescoping poles to ensure we had the right pole length so that our arms would be at a 90° angle. That’s very important.

Remembering Instructions

  1. Tighten the thumbscrews on the Quick Lock to ensure that the pole does not collapse.
  2. Make sure the rubber tip boot is pointed toward the back and lies flat on the ground.
  3. Place the hands through the wrist straps so that you need only hold the cork grip very lightly.
  4. Hold poles pointed behind you and begin walking bringing opposite hand forward. “left foot-shake a hand” (quote from Rick Deutsch’s video)

Well!!! That’s easier said than done!

My friend starts walking and away she went – effortlessly.

And here I was doing the ‘left foot – shake a hand’ over and over. And I would end up same foot, same hand every Wrong Way To Use Walking Polestime. The more I tried, the worse it got! I would end up “walking like a robot” I can’t believe how defeated I felt. It looks so easy!

Now, I realize that I am falling behind and rushed to catch up with my friend and without thinking, just hurried along. Then I realized… that’s how we walk naturally.

The rest of the walk was just great so long as I didn’t think about it. And I was able to keep up to my friend who is taller than me and therefore has a longer stride than I do.

My Conclusion

The Right Way To Use Walking Sticks


I finally got it right!!!  I will keep the ladies walking sticks and do some regular excursions with them. My intention is to make note of the results I get from using them. I will keep you posted.


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