Lady Walking With Sticks

Ladies’ Walking Sticks

This lady looks energetic and healthy – Doesn’t she?  Quite a bit younger than me of course.  But this was my ideal – a slim walker, out in the fresh air on a lovely day.

Currently, I get at least three good hour-long walks in per week but I have been noticing that my walking friend and I need to go farther and farther as we have become more and more fit.  We have included some hill walking occasionally but getting to the hills doesn’t always fit into our schedules.

How do two very busy old gals like us keep to our schedule and yet increase our fitness level?    Someone suggested trying some walking sticks.  Of course, I knew nothing about pole walking but I thought they might be a good idea for keeping my balance on some rather rough trails that we often do on the weekends.

What follows is my experience right from purchasing a set right down to the present regular, enjoyable use.  I am amazed by the benefits they provide.  And I encourage you to give Ladies Walking Sticks a try.