Do Some Research

The Value Of Research

Before deciding to send “the darn things” back, I decided to take my friend’s advice and do some research about these ladies walking sticks. I needed to know more about setting up the poles, the different styles of poles, the accessories and most important, how to use them. I can’t believe I just went out and bought them without remembering the value of research when making a major purchase.

Local Research

I walk right by our local Mountain Equipment Co-op Store weekly. It sure would make sense to drop in to see Mountain Equipment Co-opwhat they have. I discovered there are many varieties, all way more expensive than those I purchased from Amazon. However, the sales clerk was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions about the different types.

Google Research

Next, I did some online research using keywords “walking sticks” and discovered there are a number of other terms that describe them: “Nordic walking”, “urban poling”, “walking poles”. Here I found a number of different brands and that each brand presenter had a slightly different view of set up. I did finally find the company site that explained all the secrets of setting up my poles properly. See Cascade Mountain Tech. I learned as much as I could about the set up of the poles themselves. That was really useful.

YouTube Research

Now for the most important! I searched “how to use walking sticks properly”. I found Rick Deutsch’s (Certified Walking Instructor) instructions. He is promoting a specific brand, but his instructions are so very clear. OMG – No wonder I was so discouraged. I was doing it all wrong! Look at the picture of my first attempt here. Compare it to what Rick recommends here.Using Poles Properly

The Value of My Research

Well, I feel as though it will be well worth giving it another try now that I know what I am aiming for. So I will plan another outing. Stay tuned to hear how that went.

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