The Very Last Hurdle

During our healing process, my walking partner and I both realized there was one more activity to conquer.  We decided to give the very last hurdle a try.  Taking a long walk on the beach and in the sand requires not so much a cardio exercise but one that uses one’s legs and hips in a very refined way – very difficult if one has had a broken a foot or has knee and hip issues.

Another Wonderful Sunday Walk

The Beach Trail photo


After our usual breakfast outing, we decided the beautiful sunny day deserved a favourite beach walk, so we headed out to Island View Beach (not far from Victoria BC).  The beach has a walking trail that is hard-packed and easy to walk.  This is the one we usually walk.

 We walked to the end of this trail – a good hour’s walk one way.

Now For The Challenge

The Beach photoThere were many people on the trail, making us feel we should find a safer way to return ( given all the COVID distancing rules).  Even though we had avoided beach walking for some time due to foot and hip issues,  we decided to give it a try.  It’s not a smooth beach when the tide is in as you can see.

We took it a bit slower than our normal pace of course.  But we walked all the way back to the beginning in the sand.


The good news is that despite our challenges (as described in a previous post ( Fitness Update  ) neither of us experienced any discomfort during or after the walk.  The next day, we both said our bodies told us about that walk but no real discomfort.

Walking Sticks Are Great

The walking sticks are a great resource to help with balance, rhythm and upper body exercise.  This is an exercise you can take up, no matter what your age or physical condition.  Experts will say “Just never stop walking!!!”

Since then, we have been walking a bit more often just to get out of the house during this festive season when visiting is not advised.  We are fortunate to have an environment that promotes walking outside year-round.  


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