What Could Be More Convenient?

Recently, a local pole walking instructor Linda Schaumleffel posted the results of a survey in our local newspaper.  She was trying to discover why people fail to exercise regularly.  The results indicate three factors:

  • Too demanding
  • Results not immediate
  • Inconvenient

When it comes to the fitness that ladies walking sticks provide, what could be more convenient?

Too DemandingWalking

Is it too demanding to walk to the corner store or the park?  Walking is what we do naturally. And it helps our body maintain good health.  Thirty minutes per day is all it takes. Of course, more is always better but this is a very easy place to begin.  So..not demanding.

Results Not Immediate

Regular walking makes us feel energetic and healthy.  Is that not immediate? And when we take the walking sticks along, we get additional benefit while still just walking.  This ensures that we get the full body results of improved posture, balance and healthy blood pressure.


I keep my ladies walking sticks in the closet right by the door.  It’s easy to grab them on the way to the coffee shop or just out for a break from the computer.  Walking couldn’t be more convenient, especially when the spring is on its way. The only thing I can suggest that is less convenient than walking is to do nothing and sit in front of the TV like a vegetable.  

  • You must decide that you want the benefits of exercise;
  • You must build the time to do it into your schedule;
  • You may want to find a like-minded friend who also needs to exercise;
  • Get out into the fresh air and explore your neighbourhood;
  • Then find some interesting trails that will keep your interest up
  • Then build in some hill walking when it starts to feel easy.
  • Once walking becomes a habit, you will never want to stop!

For more detail about the benefits of using walking sticks see my recent post Why Use Walking

2 thoughts on “What Could Be More Convenient?”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my name and referencing the article that I wrote for the Times Colonist called Exercise Measuring Stick. Since I wrote the article I have spoken to groups about the barrier to regular exercise, and have turned my article into a positive checklist of things to look for in an exercise. When these factors are considered, then the exercise has a better chance of satisfying the list of needs, and sticking for the long term.

    And yes, you are totally right when you say, If it is to be, it is up to me.

    • Greetings Linda – Great idea to create a checklist. I suppose I have done that mentally and informally over the years. The decision that exercise is a MUST is an important place to begin


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