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Where Do I Buy Walking Sticks

How does one buy walking sticks when you know nothing about them? I had no idea what to look for and no idea how to find them. Where do I buy walking sticks?

So I went to the tried and true Amazon and did a search for ‘walking poles”. Up came a bunch but after reading all those descriptions, I opted for the #1 Best Seller with a 4.5 rating. They were collapsible and I thought I’d like a pair that would fit into my knapsack.

My Choice

The deciding factor was that I considered them affordable, about the same price as one month at the Y. These Ladies Walking Sticks I Orderedwould do me for at least a year, I thought. The description said they were “for hiking, walking and running in all terrains.” That sounded good because my walking friend and I do beaches, forest trails, park trails and downtown streets, so I ordered a set.

Since I happen to have an Amazon Prime account (that happened the day I decided to explore Twitch) I could see that they would not take long to arrive at no delivery cost to me.

What Would You Do?

Would you make such a haphazard purchase online? Not knowing how they work or what makes a good purchase of Ladies Walking Sticks? Stay tuned for the next instalment in my adventure.

4 thoughts on “Where Do I Buy Walking Sticks”

  1. Hi, LowellAnn!

    Love your articles! It’s like storytelling and always keep me in suspense! Lol. Always looking out for the next chapter to see what’s going to happen on the next episode!

    You have quite a lot of nice pictures too!

    Great work and keep it up your good work!

    Terand :o)

    • Thank you Terand. There will definitely be more to the story, so please stay tuned. I appreciate your feedback

  2. I love your enthusiasm and eternally a teacher Lowell Ann. Not all poles are created equal…there are three different kinds of poles for three distinctly different jobs. If you go to my website, on the landing page I have created a video to show viewers the difference between three kinds of common poles. When you get the right tool for the right job things are much easier.

    • Yes, it would have made sense to do some research first that’s for sure. But it’s been an adventure none-the-less. Thanks for supplying the link.


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