Why Use Walking Sticks?

Having read my story so far, you may be asking “Why use walking sticks?” Below, you’ll find my answers.

My Reasons

  • I prefer being outside in the fresh air for my exercise;
  • Gym membership is expensive on a fixed income;
  • Walking sticks represent a small financial investment;
  • My walking habit is great, but I needed to add some upper body activity;
  • I have a knee that sometimes complains.

For these reasons, I’ve decided ladies walking sticks are for me.

Last week while walking a well-used trail around the harbour on a glorious Sunday morning, I noticed several other The Right Way To Use Walking Stickswalkers using sticks. Knowing that I wanted to write this article, I decided to begin my research by asking my question: “Why are you using walking sticks?” They were happy to share their reasons.

Their Responses

  • While walking without them, I tend to slouch over and get back pain. When I use the sticks, I maintain a straight back, without pain. I want to continue walking for as long as I can. ( This was an elderly man who was walking with his younger wife)
  • I can walk faster with confidence. I never need to fear losing my balance and falling when there is uneven ground. We get a better workout this way. (This was a couple in their 60’s)

I found more reasons based on scientific research. Following are the most important reasons.

Why Use Walking Sticks?

  • Psychological health and stress relief that comes from being out in the fresh air, on a great trail in your favourite landscape (beach, park, forest trail) Great conversations with a positive walking companion always helps.
  • Weight management. Research has shown that adding the upper body movement burns 20-30% more calories.
  • Cardiovascular health. Great oxygen intake and an increase of an 8-10 point increase in heart rate.
  • Posture maintenance. Back and abdominal muscles are engaged and strengthened. It also takes a bit of strain off lower joints, especially knees.
  • Fall prevention. We can maintain adequate walking speed while ensuring that we feel secure on our feet.

I Found Four Useful Sites 

Here are some sites that provide research results if you want to know more from a scientific perspective:

  1. Mayo Clinic
  2. Inside Out
  3. Nordixx
  4. Wikipedia

If I have convinced you to give it a try. Here’s how to get started.

What You NeedNordic Walkers

  • An interesting walking companion that provides a mutual social obligation;
  • Or a walking group meetup;
  • Walking shoes that fit well and provide good support;
  • Sunglasses to screen out damaging UV rays;
  • Sunhat and sunscreen to prevent sunstroke;
  • Scarf and gloves when you walk in winter;
  • Rain jacket to ensure that you walk regardless of the weather;
  • A planned destination. Mixing it up will keep it interesting;
  • A walking schedule. Consistency is very important – A minimum of three times per week for at least an hour.

Please share your fitness experiences in the comments section here. I would love to add to the lists above.  And if you found something useful here, be sure to share it with your network using the links below.

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